CSR E benchmarked

We have received several great reviews but I would like to highlight the benchmark made by sonac because this has never been done before.

He posted his brilliant summary in  his blog at the Fanatec fansite:


It is important that you read the text as looking at the figures alone will not give you the full picture.The PWT2 and PWGT3RS fall back in this test because of their heavy wheel rim.The title of the test 1.1 is also a bit misleading as instead of just FF strength, this test shows a combination of strength, speed and reaction time.

The results are pretty obvious and makes  the CSR E the fastest and strongest wheel with the most linear force feedback curve and smallest FF deadzone on the market.

It also shows how low the friction of the system is which is important to feel even the smallest sensations.

If I am looking at the chart of the  chart of the 1.1 test, I am wondering if you can also draw any conclusions from this test in regards to the precision of the steering axis. Perhaps somebody wants to investigate that...


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