Firmware 715 for CSR Elite UPDATE 2

The first CSR Elite wheels have arrived at the customers and in order to give them a perfect experience from day 1 we are releasing 715 right away.

The new updater is not 100% ready yet but works much better than the old one and runs stable on Vista and Windows 7.

Please read the manual inside the .zip file and follow it carefully. This is really important to assure a smooth installation. 

715 will bring several  improvements and bugfixes.

  • Issue with shifter paddles on Xbox360
  • Imporved force feedback effects
  • Autoclutch
  • Improved damper on PC and PS3. PC needs a driver for further imporvement but this will follow soon. 

This version is only compatible with CSR Elite but we are working on a similar version for the CSR, PWGT2 and PWTS wheels.

Enjoy your CSR ELite with 715!

UPDATE: Video manual in french. Thanks to our community tester Homed!

If anybody would like to make a video manual in a different language Ican post it here as well.


English fw upgrade manual made by Patrick Spence. Thanks a lot!


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