Wheel Rim Ergonomy Comparison

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We made an interesting comparison between different popular wheel rims on the market to compare the following parameters:

  • Number of mappable buttons on the wheel rim
  • Amount of buttons within easy reach of the thumb
  • Diameter of the rim

In order to be as scientific as possible we took to show the grasp reach of the thumb of an average adult male. 

We then took this area and mapped it on the different rims to show how many buttons you can actually reach without moving your hand from the driving position.

Please note that D-pads only count 4 functions as the diagonal functions are actually not independent buttons. We also considered only buttons which can be mapped with functions in the game and not system buttons like our Tuning button or the PS button.



I will leave it up to you to interprete this data. Of course this does not mean that I think that there is nothing to improve on our wheel rims. I just wanted to put things relative to what is state of the art at the moment.

Attached is a full size picture of the graphics.

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