Community test for Clubsport Wheel: Round 1 - UPDATE 2

The pre-production of the ClubSport Wheel (CSW) is about to start and we are looking for testers from the simracing community to give this wheel a decent workout. I am talking about the CSW base the BMW GT rim and the Formula rim.

Due to the big suceess of the CSR E community review I would like to do that again because the results are totally unbiased and professional reviews directly made by the people who know most about the product because they are the target group.


I would like to have as little influence as possible about the selection of testers so in round 1 we will look for community test managers (ctm).


The task of the ctm will be to open a thread in your community and ask who wants to participate in the community review of the CSW. The ctm will then pick 10 people which he thinks are most qualified. Reviewers of the CSR E cannot participate as reviewers this time but as crm.


The ctm will create another thread with poll so that the community can choose their favourite reviewers. We will provide one wheel per community. In some cases maybe more.


About 2 weeks after the last reviewers have received their products, the embargo will end and all reviews can be published.


More details will follow so let's start with ROUND 1:

Below is a selection of international simracing communities. If you are part of one (or more) of those communities and would like to become a community test manager you just need to post the following information:

  1. Name and link to the community of choice (you can make multiple posts if you want to apply for multiple communities)
  2. Member since:
  3. Amount of posts in this community:
  4. Link to a previous review or to a good post you made to show your qualification
  5. One short sentence to describe your qualification

If the community of choice is not listed you are welcome to suggest it but the following criteria is preferred: 

  • Playstation 3 or PC related
  • Active and popular forum 
  • F1 or BMW related

Here is a selection of forums which would be great to get covered.

As compensation for your efforts you also get a CSW with the 50% discount of the reviewers. You are welcome to make a review as well although this is not mandatory.

German,com_fireboard/Itemid,99/lang,de/ ->[email protected]








As soon as a ctm is selected, I will list the name of the user behind the link so that you know that this forum is no longer available.


The more forums you can cover as a ctm the higher your chances to be selected. Please edit your posts or feel free to make multiple posts if you are active in several forums!

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