Display support for ClubSport Wheel in iRacing EDIT: ...and pCARS

Steaphan Turpin made a plug in for iRacing to show different settings in the Tuning display of the ClubSport Wheel.

You can also see the rev lights working on the Formula rim for the first time.  Please note that the intensity of theblue LEDs will be increased in mass production. On the video the first 3 LEDs on the left appear to be red but they are yellow.

He used the Lotus 79 on Virginia raceway and on the display you can see the current fuel consumption.

Together with the wheels for the community testers we will send wheels to all major racing game developers along with our SDK so you can expect broad support in all the upcoming new hot titles.

EDIT: With the latest build of pCARS our wheels also show the current gear while driving. Mike made a video to show that feature in his fantastic racing setup.



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