Introducing the new ClubSport Pedals V2

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We thought about how to make something good even better and came up with the evolution of a legend. The ClubSport Pedals V2.

The ClubSport Pedal was the first of our ClubSport product line which represent these values:

  • All metal construction
  • High-End technology
  • Outstanding industrial design
  • Unbeatable price performance 

As you all know there will be more ClubSport products coming up and they all have to match the level of the CSPs.

The new V2 version is rather an evolutiona than a complete new design because sometimes it is better not to change too much. Here are the new features:

1. Look
The pedals now come in anodized black and polished aluminum parts which gives it a more exclusive and classy touch. Of course the colour kits are fully compatible so you can change the look to all black or combine it with grey, orange red or blue.

2. Hydraulic brake
We have added an oil damper to the load cell brake to give it a more realistic and dampenend feeling. The feeling can be adjusted by replacing the silicone oil and use different viscosity and by changing the spring tension on the damper. It is simple but very effective. We also made the load cell brake stiffer and with a shorter travel by default.

3. Degressive clutch mechanism
Our Japanese friend Teki Ei-Ichi developed a new mechanism for the clutch for us. It gives you a degressive feel just like in a real car. Of course you can still adjust the spring strength.

There is no Tuning Kit up to now but we will have a kit coming up later. We thought about an upgrade kit as well but there are too many parts to replace so it would be quite expensive and it would be very complicated to install. The CSP achieve good prices at eBay so we doubt that it would be worth to offer such a kit as V1 owners would not save much money but have the hassle of installation and end up with a product with the old look and used parts. Therefore we decided not to offer such an upgrade kit and I hope you agree.

The CSP V2 will be shipped together with the ClubSport Wheel and we expect the first shipment in USA, EU and AUS in June. We will start taking pre-orders from our new website in May.

Price: 249,95 € (incl VAT) in EU and 249,95 USD (excl sales tax) in USA. Australian prices still need to be determined.

Thanks to Amar for the great pictures and to Björn who made the spectacular video.

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