New beta firmware 742 and driver 125 with big changes for almost all Fanatec wheels UPDATE 3

The internal testing was succesful so far so we are now looking for external beta testers for our new firmware. These versions are clearly BETA versions so please install them only if you are an experienced user.

Firmware 742BETA runs on the follwing wheels:

  • CSR
  • CSR Elite
  • 911 GT3 RS V2
  • 911 Turbo S
  • 911 GT2

IMPORTANT: If you want to use the RF dongle (for PC and PS3) for your 911 GT2 or Turbo S wheel, please do not update, as with this version you can only use the USB connection afterwards.

There is no firmware  update planned for the 911 Turbo (not S), 911 Carrera and 911 GT3RS V1.


We made a lot of changes and these are some of them:

  • ACL added to all Wheels
  • 500 Hz update rate
  • Allows use of SDK to show telemetry data on Tuning display
  • Improved force feedback algorithms
  • Improved FF sensitivity around center position
  • Improved center spring
  • DPR and SPR calculation changed
  • Improved navigation in Tuning menu (keep pressing the up or down button)
  • Default Sensitivity = OFF (900°)
  • Changed button mapping to ensure compatibility to older games
  • New initialisation sequence to auto detect minimum ff level required for each individual wheel
  • fixed issue with hanging ff signals
  • Changed button combo for center calibration. Please follow manual of updater (included)


If you use this on PC you also need to isntall the latest BETA version of our driver. Below you find version 125 for 32 and 64 bit.

It also comes with a lot of changes and we fixed a lot of issues we had in the force feedback core of the driver.

Like with the firmware, this version of the driver is only for eperienced users yet and not for the general public. Please report all issues you find right here so we can work on them before releasing the final versions.

Please use this driver version only with 742

Driver 126 BETA

Firmware 742 BETA



When you describe the porblem please make sure to give us the following basic information:

  1. What wheel?
  2. What operating system / platform?
  3. What game / platform shows the issue
  4. Describe the symptoms as detailed as possible

Thi will help us toreproduce the problem.

Make sure you take care of the following:

  • Disconnect the cables and reboot the wheel before you test
  • Bind wheel to Xbox again
  • Calibrate center
  • Caibrate shifter 
  • Check FW version to see if update worked


We will summarize the bugs and list them here.


We  now have driver 126 BETA available which will fix some issues in pCARS and perhaps other games. The damper calculation is imporved to avoid the notchy feeling.

If you have problems you can find the previeous fw versions here:

CSR E 715

CSR 706

PWGT2 681


PWTS 681




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