Win a ClubSport wheel UPDATE

Patience will be rewarded!

Tomorrow at 12.00 German time (CEST) we are opening our new website on and at the same time our new ClubSport wheel and ClubSport Pedals V2 will be on sale.

Obviously this is the most anticipated product launch in the history of anticipated product launches and we want to make Apple & co jealous with the best and longest queue of hardcore fans lining up in front of our webshop.

So post your picture how you stand in line and wait until our webshop opens on our facebook page.

Show us your tent in your office and the staples of empty pizza cartons on your desk!

The person who posts the best picture will win a ClubSport wheel with the rim of choice. The competition runs until 5.7. 2012 12.00 CEST.

PS: You are welcome to post your picture here as well but make sure you also post it on facebook.


The amount of likes your picture receives is a very important factor for us to decide about the winner. Make sure you tell your friends to vote for you!


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