One more day!

We tried everything but a last minute bug which occured during the import of the database stopped our launch. This is not a minor bug we could have tolerated and  solved it later so we were forced to make the painful decision and delay the launch for 24 hours.

I know that this is a big dissapointment and hey I saw your pictures how you lined up and what efforts you make to get to the website in time. I can't deny that we are dissapinted as well as the Endor team is as excited as you are.

Of course this means our line up competition will last one more day longer and I expect to see even more exhausted people waiting in front of our closed doors.

You don't have to be nice now and understand our situation. Don't even think about to feel pity for us. I want you to tell us how you feel! Go and express your emotions. Let it out!

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