Server is down UPDATE

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

Since 12.00 our servers collapsed and is down. This is due to the massive amount of users trying to order the CSW or have a look at the new wesbsite.

This comes unexpected as yesterday there was no such problem under similar load and of course we planned for a massive amount of users by providing plenty of bandwidth.

Please help us and stop pressing F5 for some time as we cannot transfer the websites under overload.


We fixed the server issue. It was a wrong setting. No idea why this was not a problem yesterday. But now there is a new problem in the database which is showing existing customers in EU prices without VAT. Well, I know that most of you will appreciate to pay 19% less and you certainly deserved it with all the pain we give you here but we are not rich enough (yet) to make you such a present.

The problem occured during the import of the database and only on some of the customers so we were not able to detect it in our testing before the launch and even in the initial tests after the import. In fact the server crash down gave us more time so we were lucky to find it. 

This is again not a satisfying situation but we will bring this website oline today. Whatever it takes!




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