Welcome to the new Fanatec website! UPDATE 2

The wait is finally over and we successfully switched over to the new website.

You are now ready to order the new products or just have a look at the new website.

We made it!

This was a complicated birth and we are exhausted but happy at the same time.

Thanks for staying with us and beeing such a great community.

www. Fanatec.com




Ohhmmmmmmmmmm... I need to stay calm and relaxed.....

Ok guys. Looks like we have holy grail for sale and a Playmate of your choice will bring it to you for free. Server is collapsing again and begs for mercy. This is sheer insanity and I am going to get more Red Bull for the team.



We have to take the wesbite offline again and fix the issues occured during the overload in the last hours.

We have received many orders but a lot of people did not get a confirmation email or had other issues.

On Monday we will analyze all payments we received and all orders we got. We will then try to fix the orders manually if we have received everything or will contact all customers with incomplete orders to ask for the missing information.

Please don't contact us before Tuesday and give us chance to contact you on Monday. Any individual inquiry will slow down the process.

I can only thank you for beeing such a great audience. Besides the understandable frustrated comments we have received a lot of encouraging comments as well.

I hope you forgive us this bumpy website and product launch.

There will be no more time estimate when the website will be online again but you can be sure that as soon as the site is working fine and is online again you will be notified on facebook and on my blog.


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