Rock and Rollback UPDATE

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

What a weekend. The team was working almost day and night over the past days trying to fix the damage caused by the server crash on Friday.

Within minutes we received a huge amount of orders and order attempts although the website was super slow and it was nearly impossible to finalize the order.

A few hundred very lucky to go through the whole checkout process and make the payment. These customers ordered all inventory of the CSW so that we are sold out for now. 

The order data we received is not consistent and we need to check if we did not sell more units than what we actually had. Our sales team will have a look at each order and will notify you in case there is some uncertainty. We already sent out e-mails today and you will probably get another email if necessary. Of course we will ship the approved orders by the time stamp of the order placement. 

There is more inventory on the way so all orders will probably be delivered in July/August. 

For now we decided to rollback to the old website sometime on Monday and we will not put the new products online at start. We learned quite a few things with this launch and giving a specific time was not the best idea.

We fixed the the issues but our webserver performance is still not satisfying so we will move to a complete new server and provider and set up everything again. We added several more tests to make sure this will not happen again and the new website will go online within the next weeks.

As soon it is online I will announce it here and on facebook. Make sure you subscribe to our facebook site so you will be notified

A big thanks for all the support and encouraging commnents we received. A big thanks as well for my team around the globe which was trying hard to solve the issues. This launch was not working as planned but we learned and will come back stronger than before.




The server crash has damaged our database and now we have inconsistent data. We need to manually check each order and adress between our system, Paypal and the website and this takes longer than expected. We need to do this properly to avoid more chaos. Sorry for the delay.






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