First CSWs and CSP V2s arrive at customers and firmware 32 is now online

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The first new wheels and pedals arrived yesterday and today in the hands of our customers.

If you are one of the lucky ones, please post a picture here or on facebook to show your new set-up.

Some people who ordered with a September delivery will be surprised to get the wheels ealier as we have more inventory rolling in in July and August. But we decided to give no earlier availability date as everybody is happy if it comes earlier and we don't want to mention another deadline which cannot be met. Hey, we are learning. ;)

In the support section of you can now download the latest firmware for your CSW.

The new updater is simplified and works on the most popular Windows systems.

The electronics of the CSW is entirely different from the CSR and Porsche wheels and therefore the firmware numbers are different.

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