Introducing the CSL seat

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It has been a bit quiet but this is because we were working on a lot of things and there will be an update on the announced new products and the Australian shipments within the next two weeks.

But we were also working secretly on new product: The CSL Seat



The CSL seat is a stunning construction with a very clever and unique design. It is not only super solid and perfectly suitable for our strong ClubSport wheel. It is at the same time extremely lightweight, fully adjustable in any relevant way and super comfortable.

It comes with a shifter holder and is fully compatible to the following wheels, pedals and shifter sets:

  • All Fanatec products
  • G25 / G27
  • T500 RS


The seat cover will be easily exchangeable and we will offer additional designs as well.

Does it look familiar to you? This seat was previously sold under a different name but we came to an agreement with the designer and manufacturer to sell this product exclusively under the Fanatec brand and manufactuered by our factories. Renato is a genious engineer and there are more products in the pipeline from him.

The production has already started and we will fly in the first units for immediate delivery.

The price will be 299,95 USD / € and it will be available for pre-order from next week.

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