Australia: The first products are on the way!

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

We finally were able to send the first products to Australia last week and they will arrive in December.

The only thing missing is the GST number for Endor Australia as it takes ages to get this number from the authorities. We now sent the goods on our risk and hope that we get the GST number in time before the containers arrive.

We plan to offer the full product range but it will take some weeks until everything is there.

Although many of you did not believe it anymore it is a fact that we highly appreciate this market and I personally LOVE Australia and the Australians although I have only been there one time. It used to be one of our biggest markets in the past and my target is to make it as strong as it was and more.

I will let you know once we are able to start shipping the products or start taking orders.

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