Firmware 756 now available for CSR Elite Wheel - EDIT- PLEASE READ

First of all I wish you a Happy new year! We will start the year with a new firmware release but we will release many other new goodies as well this year.

It turned out that all issues with 756 on the other wheels were not firmware related so it is time to release this version for the next wheel: The Forza Motorsport CSR Elite Wheel.

This version is again a release candidate and if there will be no bugs reported we will release it as final firmware.

Please note that you must follow the the instructions carefully. Installation on Windows 8 will work.

Make sure that you bind your wheel and calibrate the shifter and center position after the firmware update.


We will release 756 for PWGT3RS within the next days.

Please make sure you use driver version 144 or higher with this firmware.



We found a serious bug in the fan control. Please do not use this firmware version. We will release a new version asap.

Download firmware 756 for CSR E

Download driver 144 64

Download driver 144 32


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