Firmware 757 now available for CSR Elite wheel

We have fixed the fan issue on FW 756 and released 757 for the CSR Elite wheel. There is no other change than that.

There are comments that this version works with that game better and the other fw version with the other game.

Force feedback is to a high degree a matter of taste and also highly depends on what the game developers do with it. It is almsot impossible to make a version which is perfect for everybody and every game. We give you a choice so you can decide if you want to keep an older version or go with the latest one.

"Latest" does not automatically mean better for some people and if you are happy with your wheel then I would recommend not to change anything.

Please note that you must follow the the instructions carefully. Installation on Windows 8 will work.

Make sure that you bind your wheel and calibrate the shifter and center position after the firmware update.



Please make sure you use driver version 144 or higher with this firmware.

Download firmware 757 for CSR E

Download driver 144 64

Download driver 144 32

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