ClubSport Shifter is now online

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator
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We added the ClubSport Shifter(s) and the ClubSport Shifter table clamp to  our webshop and you can enter your email adress if you want to be notified as soon as pre-order will start.

The pre-orders will start as soon as production is running and this will happen very soon. We still need to make some final tests but the raw materials are ordered for the first batch.

We offer the shifter in two flavours:

The regular ClubSport Shifter is H-pattern only and comes with one round knob. It sells for 149,95 €/USD

The ClubSport Shifter  SQ also comes with sequential mode and an additional aluminum knob and costs just 199,95 €/USD.

You can easily mount it to a cockpit or wheel stand but if you mount it on a table you can get the optional ClubSport Shifter table clamp for 29,95 €/USD. 

There will be adapters for the ClubSport table clamp and the RennSport Wheel stand at a later point.

The 7th gear is only compatible to the ClubSport wheel at thios point as it requires a firmware change but personally I think the 7th gear is rather a gimmick anyway. A Porsche 911 uses it for fuel saving and other cars with 7 speed gearbox don't have h-pattern shifting so it is unrealistic.

Perhaps somebody comes up with a standalone adapter for the shifters and then you could use all gears with any wheel. Hmmm...maybe not a bad idea...

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