ClubSport Button Box?

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator
edited August 2016 in Blog

As all current projects come to an end and production is about to start (which includes handbrake) we are now ready to work on new projects.

We are working on some rims but there is another item I would like to get your input on.

What should the ultimate button box look like?

  1. How many buttons?
  2. What type?
  3. Special functions?
  4. Programmability
  5. Connection of other peripherals
  6. Compatibility
  7. Size and dimensions
  8. Materials
  9. Price

 It would be great to get your input on the points above and we can discuss it. We have some initial ideas but you can still influence the design with your input so please use this chance. 

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