Admins and moderators wanted

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Our new commnity software is ready to be implemented so we can finally merge the blog and a proper forum to our website.

I am now looking for members to  help us with the following:

  • Create content
  • Help members
  • Test the functionality of the forum or new features
  • Organize community events
  • Create rules and enforce them in a positive way
  • Make our community a informative and friendly place

To qualify, please list everything which helps us to make a positive decision:

  • Moderator roles in other forums
  • Activities in other communities
  • English skills
  • website progamming skills (optional)

Most of all, I would like to have friendly and professional people in my team. I am not a fan of banning people or locking threads. There must be some rules but a vivid community should be managed by reasonable people with skills to manage escalated situations and bring everybody back together.

Please leave a comment if you are interested.

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