Incompatibe base clubsport 2.5V con volante podium porsche gt3 ?

Buenas tardes,

Compré la base Clubsport 2.5V y el volante podium steering wheel porsche gt3.

Cuando lo compré no vi en su momento que no eran compatibles uno con el otro. Existe algun driver actualmente donde pueda configurar el volante minimamente para jugar?

Cuando descargo el driver del 2.5V y conecto el volante no detecta.

A ver si alguien me puede ayudar, sinó tendre que cambiar la base o el volante.

Gracias, saludo a todos


  • The beta drivers should let it work, but not the button module endurance. For that, there is an internal only beta driver. You can contact the owner of the beta forums for access to it.

  • Hi Jeffrey, thanks for you answer.

    This beta i can download directly from this forum ?

    The only driver i was installing was  Fanatec 64bit v328 for the base wheel, but theres no recognition of the wheel.

  • There is currently no driver available which supports the BME on your CSW - as described in the webshop description its only compatible with DD bases for now.

    You can contact Marcel Pfister in this Forum to get an internal beta driver which works with the CSW, but its not complete.

  • Ok Maurice, thanks i will contact Marcel, at least try to enjoy little bit until we dont have final driver for that.

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