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  • Every party needs a Scotsman. Tell me where and when ;)
  • Hi Dom, First of all a warm welcome to you. If you find some time it would be great to read your answer regarding the topic below which is from this thread here. Many thanks!
    As there is no update from Thomas since March 28th regarding the results of the discussions with PD I would say it makes sense to change the headline of this thread from

    GTS fully supports Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel UPDATE


    GTS partly supports Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel UPDATE

    I totally understand that the entire Fanatec crew seems to be busy with the upcomming PODIUM series release but it would be great to know whether we can expect any Fanatec wheel functionality related improvments in future GTS updates at all.

    It just sounded so promising when Thomas stated 'I will meet with him very soon so please let me know how you like the implementation now and what improvements related to our wheels you would like to see.'.
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  • The 20th birthday of Fanatec/Endor sure is a good reason for a trip to Landshut. Good chance to get to know some of the people behind Fanatec and have a closer look at the Podium products as well as what the competitors "look like". And not to forget, welcome Dom Brennan.
  • I would like to know at the Landshut Event, is there going to be cake?
  • 25th is also my wedding anniversary. I've been buying fanatec stuff for the past 7 years. Been married for 10 this year. Does this mean I get to come to the party?
  • I would also like to take part at this Party! Congratulations for 20 years of Fanatec.!
  • Hi everyone! Nice to e-meet you all, and looking forward to meeting some of you in person!
    HI Dominic, con you confirm full compatibility of the DD2 with RaceRoom? I currently have the CSL PS4 version that doesn't have full compatibility with this title and want to make sure my pre-ordered DD2 will.
  • Is your new Community Manager still on board? Today is a big 20years-Celebration party and Community event in Landhut, and what we hear and read through social media (Twitter, FB, etc.) is nothing.
    C'mon .... share some stuff, please!
  • Big thank you to the whole Fanatec-Team for organizing a great Community-Event.I'm still recovering from a hangover. It was such a nice atmosphere and everybody was in a good mood.

  • Big thanks also from me. I enjoyed the event very much.
    Thanks for the oppertunity and big thanks for having me.
    I really appreciate it.

    And keep on the good work. What I've seen from your Direct Drives was very good and they really don't have to hide ;)
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    Off Cours only hardcore.
    Classic Lotus 49, Nordschleife, Assetto Corsa, heel & toe...  
  • Mr. Brennan...
    physical workout on the testbench...
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