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- Please contact our support team first if there appears to be a technical issue with your product. You can either open a support ticket, or try to reach a support agent directly via Live Chat. This is available 8:00 to 20:45 on weekdays and 13:00 to 22:45 on weekends. You can also telephone (0049 871 9221 299) Monday to Friday from 14:00 to 16:00. (All times in UTC+1, summertime UTC+2).

- Before posting new discussions, we recommend that you check the website FAQ, the Symptoms and Solutions thread in this category, and search this forum for threads that may already be covering the topic.

- Post in English only. If necessary, use an online translation service or ask a fellow forum member through PM to translate your message. Be aware that many people don’t have English as their native language. Be understanding and patient, and ask for clarification if things are unclear.

- When posting a technical query or problem description, explain your request as clearly as possible. Your hardware and software configuration is important, particularly the driver and firmware versions of the product. Pictures and videos, if possible, will help a lot. It will not be useful if you start a posting with “my wheel does not work” without any additional information. Wait for other forum users to respond.

- Check your text. Before you post your text please read it again and check grammar and spelling. If your posting is longer than a few sentences, break it up in paragraphs for readability, and use proper punctuation. If your post is not properly readable or unclear our users cannot help you as well.

- Edit your posts. You can edit your posts if you forgot something, found a mistake or if you gathered additional information after posting. There is no need to make a new post right away if the posting has just been made and is still the latest posting in the discussion. However, editing an old post means that it won’t be flagged as new, so most people won’t read it. In such cases, reply to your old post (by using the quote function) and add the new information.

- Be nice and friendly. It does not hurt to say “thank you” if somebody helped or found the right information for you.

- No foul language. There are plenty of ways to get your point across in a decent manner, rude behaviour will always invite more rude behaviour, which solves nothing.

- No rude, inflammatory, discriminatory, or explicit content. Discussing inflammatory topics like religion, politics, racism etc. and posting explicit or shocking pictures or any other content that is sure to cause controversy or conflict has no place on this forum.

- No links to illegal downloads or sites offering anything illegal.

- No advertising. This applies to competitor products, non-Fanatec products/services, etc. Also no advertisements or linking to commercial sites in user signatures.


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  • Just bought csl elite f1 set with load cell. Tried to do firmware update but kept saying repair to file needed so could not download as repair did not work. No info anywhere on website.. do not know how to download tuning either.

    Also notice car very slow on full throttle ,cannot do any lap times as on my other system, throttle shows as full 100% on f1 2019 ps4.

    any help Welcome.

  • purchased the clubsport bundle. installed it yesterday & was working ok on Xbox One. The Xbox was updated today & now the pedals are not recognized (although you can use buttons on wheel).

    Tried reconnecting cables etc for hours, turned machine etc off, still not working.

    Any ideas??

  • Did you reinstall the drivers? The update might have botched them.

  • How long does it usually take to get a response from technical support after submitting a ticket?

  • I cant find live chat, is it still a thing?

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