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General Notes:
- The settings below are considered to be reasonable baseline values for DiRT Rally (PS4). They might not suit all tastes and driving styles, but they are a good starting point. Bear in mind that DiRT Rally uses a dynamic physics engine covering a broad range of cars and surfaces, meaning that these settings might not be 'optimal' for every possible driving scenario.

- Please ensure you are using the latest firmware for all Fanatec devices.

CSL Elite Wheel Base + / CSL Elite Racing Wheel PS4™ (Compatibility mode)

Tuning Menu Settings:
SEN 1080 (shown as 108 on some displays)
FF 100
SHO 100
ABS User Preference
DRI -03
FOR 100
SPR 100*
DPR 100*
BRF User Preference
FEI 070

*SPR has no effect, DPR is directly connected to the Wheel Friction in-game setting.

In-Game Settings:
Vibration & Feedback: On
Self Aligning Torque: 75
Wheel Friction: 0
Tyre Friction: 42
Suspension: 75
Tyre Slip: 0
Collision: 50
Soft Lock: 50
Steering Center Force: 50


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    never mind

  • Is it possible to use this game with f1 PS4 podium and what are the recommended settings?
  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Is it possible to use this game with f1 PS4 podium and what are the recommended settings?
    Unfortunately the Podium Racing Wheel F1 doesn't support the required compatibility mode for this game.
  • Hi, thank you for advised settings.

    I am using a PS4 slim and CSL Elite with standard wheel from the PS4 package, purchased January 2010.

    I have managed to set the wheel into compatibility mode and that it is recognized by Dirt Rally 1.0.

    However, I had to restart Dirt about 3-4 times. What is the exact procedure? I will write down, what I think should work... but I am not sure it will work the next time.

    1. Turn on the wheel - blue PS4-Mode.
    2. Press PS-Button on extra Controller to boot the PS4 from sleep and on wheel to connect it.
    3. Once the PS4 is running, I pressed and held the mode-button on the wheelbase: Compatibility mode
    4. PS4 says: "connection to controller lost"
    5. I select dirt and boot it with the regular controller.
    6. If I am lucky dirt recognizes the wheel.... if not I close the game completely and repeated 1-6.

    Is there a more straight procedure? Thank you very much.

  • Switch the mode once you are ingame and leave a controller ds4 on that helped me

  • Salve a tutti, avrei una domanda per chi sarà così gentile da rispondermi.. ho un cslelite ps4 e nel gioco dirt il volante è normalmente riconsciuto..

    il problema è che le tre opzioni di settaggio force feedback risultano oscurate, trazione autoallineante, attrito ruota e attrito pneumatico. Quindi il volante funziona con force da sospensione e collisione ma manca del ritorno forze delle opzioni suddette.

    Preciso che uso consolle PS4. Qualcuno ha stesso problema o consigli.

    Grazie anticipatamente per chi vorrà rispondere.

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    Are you serious?...

    So I cant play Dirt Rally with the highest tech wheelbase but I can play it with the CSL Elite...the cheapest option?

    When I bought this wheelbase I seem to recall the description stating it has the same level of compatibility as the CSL Elite wheelbase...

    You best get with the tech team and correct this. Thats a HUGE false advertisement if this doesnt get sorted out.

  • I am starting to regret buying this whole wheel-pedals whatever... because I can't get CSL Elite to work on Dirt Rally. I have the latest firmware update on the wheel , latest update for the game. I don't know what "compatibility mode" is supposed to do , but what I know is that in Dirt Rally compatibility mode (yellow led light) means the wheel is unusable , the game doesn't recognize it. What I can do is play the game in PlayStation mode (blue light) but...the wheel performance , in this game and in this mode... matches the ones of a 30 dollars wheel bought from Walmart-no ffb whatsoever , even no wheel centering.

    PLEASE HELP ! Thank you !

  • Once I switch it to "compatibility mode" , Dirt Rally won't recognise the wheel (CSL Elite). I tried everything , I can only play the game with the wheel in PlayStation mode , but it lacks all FFB.

  • It doesn't work for me , I tried your procedure for at least ten times in a row.

  • Could you , please , tell us how to make the game recognise the wheel , in compatibility mode ?

  • For everyone having issues with Dirt Rally , I got it straightened up from a Youtuber guy named Douglas Thompson (check him out): YOU HAVE TO SET THE WHEEL IN PURPLE MODE (NOT YELLOW ). IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM ! Started the game with the wheel , PlayStation recognises the wheel in purple mode.

  • FEI turned down to 60

  • Same problem, latest firmware CSL Elite, purple mode, yellow mode, nothing works, the wheel works but no feedback, and the main sliders on the options are grayed out.

  • Just tested the CSL Elite PS with WRC wheel, purple mode works on both PS4 and PS5. I did turn the wheel on first and switched to purple mode from PS mode if that makes any changes. Then turned on the PS and launched the game from the wheel.

  • I've ordered my Podium F1 wheel for the PS4 recently? According to the comment above, does that mean it won't work with Dirt Rally at all but only with Dirt Rally 2.0 independently of the wheel mode, I mean neither in PS4 mode nor in CompPS4 mode?

    Many thanks for your reply!



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    Dear Dominic.

    according to some other postings here the solution seems to be to add this famous "Purple Mode" from the CSL-Elite firmware to the Podium F1 wheel firmware as well.

    But for whatever reason this did not happen so far. Would you please be so kind and share some explanations on this issue?

    Many thanks in advance!



  • CSL DD Pro with PS5, how to get ffb? Dirt Rally 2 works quite normally(in PS5 mode too), but regardless DD Pro's mode, there no forces in DR 1.

    Xbox(Series X in my case) work ok, feedback and all(of course with xb-rims).

  • I am in exactly the same situation.
    There is no FFB no matter which one of the 3 steering wheel controllers in the game settings is selected.
    I wanted to run a mountain pass and found this old software, but does anyone know how to solve it?

  • Is there a slight chance that the missing compatibility mode will be added to the firmware?

    Many thanks!

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