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  • WHat does the linear setting do in particular for FH? Most people generally say not to use this (at least for other games).

  • Someone help us with some settings for the CSL DD we dying out here...

  • If you scroll back to page 1, I posted my settings that I was using for FH4 at the time, on a CSL DD. May not be exactly your cup of tea especially if you do lots of drifting for example, but a few people have mentioned that they feel pretty good in most situations.

  • I'll give them another try later on but I think they didn't work for me so well first time I tried them a few weeks back, plus I can't play with 420 sen. I need 1080 or higher for that matter.

    Thank you!

  • Now Fanatec have finally released drivers that work for FH5, will Fanatec release recommended settings for FH5?

    So far what I've found is is I have to modify SEN depending on what surface I'm driving or whether I'm trying to drift or not.

    • For standard road race events SEN can be left at 900
    • For drifting, SEN needs to be dropped to 180-360 depending on preference. If you don't you'll never be able to recover the car if it spins out nor maintain your drifts.
    • For offroad races, I'm still not sure, but again if you leave SEN high, you won't recover skids and you'll spin out, so somewhere around 360 may be about right, though I'd like to try to get this higher.

    I am curious if any of the others settings might help with this.

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    Can anyone help, please.

    I'm trying to configure my CSL DD + CSL Steering Wheel BMW (or even with McLaren GT3 v2 wheel), but inside the game, can't configure the steering (left, right, or other remap key).

    When I try to move steering left or right do remap key, nothing change.

    I'm using the CDL DD in Compatibility Mode, and i'm using the fanatec driver 440.

    Thank you.

  • CSR Elite pedals not supported?

  • Hi,

    What are the best setting for GT DD Pro please?

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    Thank you for sharing this!

    At this time, with recent drivers, it is important to set: Invert Force Feedback: On. FH4 default is "off" an FFB does crazy things with it :-)

    Also, Steering SIMULATION instead of NORMAL migth be an option to try out.

    CSL DD / McLaren GT3 / PC Comp-Mode

  • Do You have simmilar settings but for FH5? I'm wondering how did You manage to set up CSL DD on that game since this one work very nice.

  • Sorry, I actually have only played FH5 with a controller. When the game was initially released, it crashed quite a lot and there were some Fanatec driver updates which apparently fixed this. I'm still back on an older driver (v439) and don't wish to update for other reasons, unless I find someday that I absolutely have to. All my other games work just fine (AC, ACC, AMS2, RF2, F120xx, DR2.0, etc.), so I'm fine with playing FH5 with a controller since it's more casual and not such a "serious" racing game.

  • Agree on that 100% :) In that case can You post here or in Dirt 2.0 forum Your settings for that game?

  • I just got Fanatec CSL DD and I'm new to sim racing. Can't get Forza Horizon 4 to work well with the wheel even with the settings posted on the first page.

    Luckily someone here mentioned that I should invert force feedback, this helped a LOT. But it still feels borderline undriveable. The steering feels too sharp - I spin out almost every time I try to turn. I've played Dirt rally 2.0 and I have Assetto Corsa so I have some idea of how the car should behave, and given that Forza Horizon is an arcade game, it should definitely not be harder to drive than AC!

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