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  • Regarding Brake Force, you should set it at a value that feels natural to you. Your starting point could be something you are used to from driving your own car in real life. Real racing cars tend to have a very hard brake pedal with little movement, so adjust the pedal resistance as well to your liking. Then let the value stay for at least 2 weeks and do a lot of practice. Get used to the weight and feel of the brake and let your muscles and brain learn to drive with the Brake Force value and resistance you chose, it's called muscle memory. Then you can start tweaking, but when you change it, you should try it for 2 weeks of training before you get settled in and choose if you want to stay or go back to the original value.

  • Anyone has settings for firmware v365? I updated it and now it feel totally different, also the settings options are different now. Even when in long fast turns now the wheel making weird strong oscillations when touching curbs, like jting... anyone?

    Podium DD1 with blue F1 wheel.

  • Anyone found decent ffb-settings when using CSW(2.0/2.5) with drivehub?

  • PS4 (V7.55)

    fanatec csl elite ps4 (V373)

    After upgrading the V373,

    can’t play games in the yellow mode. The crew and dirt rally can’t be used in the yellow light mode. The V328 is fine.

  • Dominic, I mainly use my DD1 for GT Sport and recently updated to the Beta 399. Would you have a baseline setting for the DD1 for GT Sport. My setting is the one you posted on the forum last year without the LIN function. Would you mind sharing your latest setting? Thank you very much!

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    Hello, I have recently purchased the fanatec dd1 ps4 and I do not like the sensations that it offers in gran turismo. My previous wheel was a thrusmaster t-gt and they turned out to be much better in gran turismo. I would like you to update the parameters to the new firmware of the steering wheel. Thanks.

  • Nick ParksNick Parks Member

    Hi Jacob,

    Have you any guidance towards the settings on the latest firmware (402)?

    Many thanks


  • Can we please get the first post recommended settings updated to include the new DD1 settings from firmware 400 onward?

  • I have Brake rumble but no throttle rumble; even though the test shows the motor working. Is there a setting that turns off/on the throttle for GTS ?

  • my setting for the DD1 with the latest driver are:

    SEN 540

    FFB 35


    NDP 12

    NFR 5

    NIN 6

    INT 2

    FEI 100

    FOR 100

    SPR 100

    DPR 100

    BLI 0FF

    SHO 100


    BRF 40

    and in gt sport the settings are:

    ffb 2

    senitivity 10

  • Is the 911 GT3 R Wheel with podium button module compatible with GT Sport

    Does the display show the relevant information on the rim?

    Thanks in Advance

  • Can I update the firmware for the first time and configure everything through the PS4? I have the Podium kit and the V3 pedals but I'm waiting for the rig to arrive (so I haven't plugged it in yet). No gaming computer to plug it into so hopefully I can set it up through the PS4. It says it's FOR the PlayStation after all and that's what I bought it for. Should I drag out an old laptop?

    Unfortunately I'm not part bot so I haven't been able to buy a PS5 yet. Getting ready for the new PS VR and GT7.

  • hello everyone need some help here been racing gts com a regular basis with the thrustmaster T-GT now just got my self a DD1 PS setup with v3 inverted pedals and for the last 2 months cant come anywhere nears my lap times with the old set up , mainly inconsistency (sensitivity) and mostly having major issue with the brakes , I feel that I’m destroying the tires because of how hard I’m braking while I’m barely touching the pedals any help would be appreciated, need settings on pedals as well

    ty all !

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    Coming from a T300, I'm still experimenting.

    For now, below are my settings, max torque registered during drive ~6Nm.

    • Still figuring out the correct FFB Interpolation, setting it low (OFF...2) gives detail, but is also very noisy and jercky.
    • Experimenting with BRF, I find the CSP v3 brake pedal quite hard and difficult to dose especially if you want to brake a little like trail braking.
    • The combination of FFB 50% and GT Sport Force Feedback Max torque of 6 givens me a proper spring effect depending on tyre grip. GT Sport Force Feedback Max torque 5 also works, but I find 6 to be a bit more realistic.
    • GT Sport Force Feedback Sensitivity could probably be lowered although I find 1 too weak, still tweaking.

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