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    The installation process is explained in the Quick Guides / Manuals for each product. These can be found in the Downloads tab on each product page. We also have Video Guides on our YouTube channel. These are linked via QR code from the Quick Guides.

  • Hello, good afternoon, I have a problem with my clubsport base. It turns out that I try to update the latest firmware and the fanatec control panel app hangs and is not responding. I have the latest drivers for my 429 base. Installing the 64-bit version for my pc with windows 10 pro. The problem is that I have no way to update the drivers like this. There is an option to return the base to factory settings. I contacted me for the same problem with fanatec support on Wednesday but they have not contacted me or sent me any email. Here I show you in some screenshots what I do step by step. And what happens in each capture.

  • i have the same problem you solve it?

  • How do you guys have the wheel connected? Directly to the mobo, or via a hub? IF you use a hub, try plugging in directly to the mobo (back of computer) and try again.

  • I reply to you both Santino and James. No santino still did not solve. I have everything updated, operating system, all the apps that I have on the pc thanks to driver booster, updated graphics although the graphics are not needed here. The problem lies in updating the fanatec firmware. It gives me a problem in all versions, the 429, the 415 that was the previous one and even one that a friend gave me, which is the 311 beta and that was the one that worked perfectly for me for a month. I have even fanalab the latest version. And nothing on the one hand detects the base, but on the other to update it does not. Also try to put it in another usb port and it doesn't work either,

  • Hi, i have the clubsport v2.5 wheelbase and after the latest driver update you can feel a slight vibration when the fans start. I read that this occurs to other wheels too. The vibration is mild but annoying, any suggestions?

  • hello my csl steering wheel p1 pin got stuck on my clubsportwheelbase v2.5. how can I remove the pin ?

    my warranty is over


  • Im having an issue where the update firmware is not responding to updating my motor firmware. Does anyone know of anything that can help me out?

  • Hi all,

    I've purchased a Gran Turismo DD Pro + Boost kit + ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® Esports V2.. I've got it set up and installed, but when I want to take a drive in F1 2021, it doesn't see / let me select the steering wheel. My friend has a like 10 other items in the screen to see ft but on mine there are just 2 regular controller items.. Please see the screenshot. Hope someone can help me out :-(

  • I purchased Clubsport V3 Pedals recently, Installed them last weekend, was prompted to update wheel base/Motor/BMW wheel & pedals, now wheel & pedals not working properly... Sent message to support but alas no reply as yet.

    All was working fine with previous CSL pedals, now steering turns to left straight away and accelerator always on full throttle by itself?

    I'm unable to locate previous firmware files on this site to try and flash everything back, note the CSL pedals no longer work either now..

    Using USB connection for both wheel base and pedals into PC (Win 10 Pro)

  • I have a Clubsport Wheelbase V1. Works perfectly. I use it with the ESports F1 wheel. I discovered there is a Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Universal Hub V1 for PC & Xbox. I would like to know if the Clubsport Wheelbase V1 will work with the Clubsport Wheel Universal Hub V1? See the photo below.

  • Hello, have problem that sometimes its looks that wheel work like 40% weaker and when u adjust little bit in game tfb settings its go back full strenght. Anyone had same issue? Drivers 443

  • I just updated to firmware 691 from the 477 driver zip and the app on my pc does not see my CSW V2.5 wheel, SQ, CSW V3 pedals or handbrake? It says on the LED display 691, then 18, then _ _ _. After that I have two options from the LED display instead of 5? These are displayed as C_5 and A_5? these only have SEN, FFB, BRF and nothing else? After testing on an xbox i have no shifter and no handbrake? What is going on here, is it some new calibration mode? Or is it a bug? Tried repair tool in pc app but has no effect. Tried different USB ports, tried re installing FW again. Have no idea?

  • I have the same problem.

    How did you manage to solve the problem?

    Thanks for Your time

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