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  • Hello, newbie and recent new owner of CSL Elite racing wheel PS4 with Clubsport Elite pedals with LC and shifter here. Amazing gear I must say.
    After reading all instructions, installing Fanatec 64 bit v.328 software, I ran the required firmware updater for the wheel/pedals/shifter. I went through the calibration processes, all were successful and I gave things a go with my GT-Sport Sim. All worked well, until my second attempt, that is!

    After initial setup, I had to mount my pedals onto my Playseat driving rig. After which, I tried doing another few races. The pedals were not working, so, after checking things out, I found that the USB cable connected into the electronics box underneath had come loose. Fixed this up and all was good again. Which leads me into Tuesday afternoon, wanting to do some serious driving while tweaking/getting used to my new hardware and settings. Again, the pedals were dead and after several hours of trouble shooting, no matter what I do, did, tried, they still do not work!!!!!! I just tried things again, reset everything to defaults and pedals are still not working?? Now, I'm at a complete lose as to what to do?? I've loaded my Asseto Corsa sim and same thing, pedals don't work!!

    Should I maybe try the 32 bit v311 or v328 software,or maybe the 64 bit v.311 version?? My laptop is Window's 7 64 bit. I'm getting very concerned that the pedals might be defective? Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. I have written into Fanatec support, without reply as of yet. I should also note, I did buy the USB adapter cable, although it is my belief I didn't really need is, being a console user and not PC based or operating with a mix of different hardware brands? Just sold all my old Thrustmaster gear for this new gear.

    Thanks very much.

    Best Regards,

  • Did you by any chance damage a cable as mentioned in the assembly instructions for the LC kit? Also you are plugging the cable from the pedals to the wheel base, and the wheel base to your console, right?

  • Yes, I made double sure none of the pedal wires were being pinched during assembly. One cable from pedal electronic box too console USB port. Other USB cable/RJ-12 connector from wheel too console USB port. RJ12 connector from pedal electronic box too brake port on wheel. I believe it's all correct?
    Thank you for your help.

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    Na, you connect it only to the wheel base on console. A direct connect between the pedals and the console is not supported.

    Read it up on the product page under "Compatibility" ;)
  • Koupil jsem cls elite f1 a vse mi funguje jen plynovy pedal nefunguje....mam pripojeno k ps4...nevim co stim
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