Symptom: 'Knocking' noises in belt-driven wheel bases

Due to the internal design of Fanatec belt-drive systems, there are types of force feedback signal that can result in some noise generation, which is normal and usually not an indication of a hardware issue. This is more apparent in the CSL Elite wheel bases, due to a small amount of 'play' in the single-belt mechanism. Note: the belt can end up being more or less tensioned (to a small degree) due to manufacturing tolerances. Having some 'play' contributes to the characteristic smoothness of the CSL steering, so it is a trade-off.

The amount of noise the base makes through normal operation is highly dependent on the game being used, the car, the car setup, the track, the track conditions, the in-game force feedback settings, and the Fanatec Tuning Menu settings. The surface or rig that the base is attached to can also amplify or reduce the sound.

We recommend experimenting with lower DRI and FEI values as this can help to reduce the sound. Please check the Racing Simulations section for recommended Tuning Menu and In-Game settings for most popular titles.


  • I have the PS4 CSL Elite, and 3-4deg each side of center point I get a knocking sensation (same as this video)

    Is this normal operation of the CSL Elite PS4??

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator
    Is this normal operation of the CSL Elite PS4??

    If this is happening in ALL games, then it could be a hardware issue. However it seems more likely that this is a result of specific FFB settings in one particular game.
  • My god, I`ve just ordered an elite wheel to replace my T300rs as I am so happy with the clubsport v3 pedals purchased last week.  If it makes that terrible noise it will be going back as a top end high price wheelbase should not be anywhere near that noisy.
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    I have a CSL Elite+ F1 set and have a little vibration when i Turn the wheel like a quarter turn in either direction. Can anyone tell me a setting to get this to calm down???

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