Playseat chalenge??

For a question of space the playseat challenge is the only option i have for simracing. Will be ok to apply a dd2 on my playseat? On terms of power of the base. Thanks


  • Marcos - I just mounted mine on a TrakRacer R6 and even that it is not as sturdy as what I'd like.  I am seeing plenty of flex in the 2" tubing, so I would expect significantly more flex than that with the Playseat Challenge.  Additionally, the DD1 motor alone is exceptionally heavy, not to mention the force that it will apply.  I'm sure you could do it, but I would be making plans for some reinforcement if not significant repairs.  I'd be more worried about your own safety should that thing let go and you'd end up with a rotating DC motor in your lap!  Hate to be the pessimist, but I wouldn't...
  • Psql .Psql . Member
    I had a Playseat Challenge but it was already on the edge with the CSL Elite base on full power. I would really doubt if the plastic hinges will survive with the extra weight of the Podium plus the extra force it outputs.

    Another problem is that the CSL the steering wheel was already close to your body. With the Podium it will be even closer because of the longer shaft and maybe even to close. It’s also not possible with fanatec wheels to use al 3 mounting points in al distance settings of the wheelbase plate. In the middle setting you can only use the 1 front bolt. In the furthest setting you can only use the 2 bolts at the back. Only in the closest setting you can use all 3 bolts. I would say you would want atleast the 3 bolts to tighten it.
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