Adding info to the Podium read-out screen?

Would it be possible in a future FW update for the Podium base to add 1 piece of extra information?

Next to mode: ie, PC/Comp/xbox & there is space, could you add the set-up number we are currently in?

eg: Comp - Set 3
      PC - Set 5
      ect, etc...….

I am using all my 5 setups for 4 sims & 2 rims, some set for comp, others for PC - to save a button push (menu) on switching on/booting up  it would be nice to be  reminded of which set up I last used



  • Yes, good idea. I hope the new Podium Software is released soon because you'll be able to have more than the 5 Presets for Set-Up and they can be automatically applied per game.
  • Also would be great if we could rename the Set1-5 so we could name it the car sim we use it for.

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