Fanatec V3 Pedal Damper Kit... HELP Snapped a bolt

edited May 2019 in Pedals
I have just tightened the screws on the damper nut (pre assembled) and one of them snapped the head off leaving the rest of the bolt in the hole!
Have do you get hold of spare parts from Fanatec, i would need a whole new damper nut and the two screws for it.
Please can someone help as i now cant use the damper kit at all, its far to small to drive out and try to re thread.
I dont know why anyone would but if you have a spare i will take it!
Thanks in advance.


  • Just to be clear i need the higlighted peice in the first photo, the second photo shows the bolt i was tightening and the head stayed on the allen key.
  • Please contact Fanatec Support through email or chat to discuss what they can do for you.
  • You have probably sorted this by now, but for any others that strike an issue along these lines, youre far better off using some better quality bolts, the orignals Fanatec use are total rubbish. Way too soft with the material they used. They most certainly SHOULDVE been assembled with anti-seize, and likely wouldve been less of an issue.
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