Symptom: Unexpected power button behaviour (Podium Series)



  • I think we should be receiving additional compensation for this royal **** up.  We have had to suffer a delay (which was compensated) but then receiving a faulty unit after that. Having to assemble, disassemble, go without a wheel while in RMA, making trips to the post office and packing it up.....
  • I'm also waiting for RMA. DD2 has been fine for two weeks and just started having the power issue last night. Support got back to me today and asked for photographic evidence that I had plugged it in correctly. 

    "No support, It's been connected incorrectly for the last two weeks and I just never noticed.....!!!"

    I'd like to presume that a high percentage of users who are willing to pay this sort of money for a wheelbase are like me and have a lot of equipment. The hassle of taking it all apart to take the photo, then put it all back together so as I can race this weekend. Then to take it apart to send it back and reassemble again with my V2.5. Then to remove the V2.5 to install the replacement DD2... that is a lot of hassle.

    I have used Fanatec products all the way back to the GT2RS so believe me I am a fan but this. After the launch was delayed for 4 months and now there's another problem.
    No wonder Fanatec have a bad reputation for quality. 
    I bought a Porsche 918 RSR wheel with the store voucher and put the difference. Even that had a crack in the plastic surround that houses the rev lights where the bolt is. It looks like it had been tightened to much when it had been assembled but I just couldn't be bothered to send it back. If I had paid full price for it though. 400 euro and that's the care and pride that's taken. its just rubbish
    I know EXACTLY how you feel cos am in the same boat.  To add, I am halfway across the globe.  So shipping takes even longer not to mention cost.
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    OK I am now really upset and believe I have a valid reason to be.

    My DD1 arrived with a faulty power button and while I am accepting of the fact that these things do happen, I always believed that Fanatec will do right by me.

    I have provided video evidence of this and have been given an RMA number and told I will receive a new unit in exchange.

    I am now told that my shipping costs to the US will NOT be reimbursed (only shipping within the US). This is a significant cost to me as I am located halfway across the globe.

    Let's not even talk about not having the wheel for about a whole month assuming no delays in shipment and the annoyance and effort it takes to assemble, disassemble and reassemble this from my rig.

    I have corresponded with your staff to address this in a more amicable and sensible manner but this does not seem to be turning out well.

    I think many of your global customers would be interested to know how this transpires.


  • Hey Dom, I’m in the second EU batch for mid June for a DD2, have any of those been subject to this damaging test and could be affected also?
  • Hey Dom, I’m in the second EU batch for mid June for a DD2, have any of those been subject to this damaging test and could be affected also?
    Yes i wont the anser too to that quastion
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    Hey Dom, I’m in the second EU batch for mid June for a DD2, have any of those been subject to this damaging test and could be affected also?
    The issue has already been solved in production.

  • The sad story still has no end... The support wrote me that i should write an e-mail when I have sent the base back. That they can ship me imediately a new unit. So I did, but now nothing happens... No confirmation that they send me a new unit... no response to my mails....just nothing... Hopefully you had better experiences with the exchange of your bases?
  • Dominic Brennan

    Thank you for the heads up.

    Things like this happen.

    However, Maybe it would be useful to let us know since which serial number the issue was fixed so we feel at ease to upgrade firmware and drivers.

    I just got my new DD1 and I am reluctant to upgrade from drivers 346, although everybody is ecstatic about the improvement achieved with the latest drivers 352 and after.


  • hello

    Same problem here in 2021. my dd1 was one of the first...ordered in october 2018 and received in may 2019.

    My problem started yesterday when I unplugged the base, then when I plugged it back in the base booted up without me pressing the power button, now The power button only disconnects the usb, the oled stays on and I’m only able to turn the base on or off by switching the on/off power at the wall. very frustrating this

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    As owner of one of these 'infected' DD1 units, i'm wondering if any service is still available? (and yes i know it's an old post)

    I actually expected fanatec to send out a notice to owners in a case like this.

    I did read quite a few posts about the issue when i got the base, but back then there was no solution.

    What can i do now?

    Br. Michael

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator
    Hi Michael, you should contact support and discuss this topic with them. You can contact them by creating a Support Ticket via the My Products section of your Fanatec account, or you can try the Live Chat feature, open Monday to Friday, 8 to 11 a.m. and 1 to 4 p.m. (CEST). Live Chat is active whenever you see the headset icon on the site.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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