Clubsport V3 Inverted pedal staggering

Hey, I've got a question for anybody in the know. My Clubsport V3 Inverted pedals came with the pedals staggered from each-other. The gas is the farthest to the back, then the brake has an extension bracket on the arm that moves it 1-2 inches farther forward than the gas, and the clutch arm is actually tilted more forward, has another extension bracket on it moving it another inch or two farther forward than the brake!

In practice, I find this very uncomfortable. When left foot braking, my foot is pushed at a sharp angle to even reach the pedal from the pedal plate, and it being closer to my body means my ideal seating position for the throttle has the brake too close to me... This also tilts the pedal upwards, which means I'm only contacting the bottom of the pedal plate, rather than the whole thing, which seems wrong as well.

This also makes driving a clutch car more difficult, as I can't just rotate my right foot from the throttle to the brake with a sweeping motion, but actually have to pull my foot back, then over to reach the brake at all. I'm not any good at heel and toeing, but when I tried it on these I really couldn't hit the gas with my heel it was so far back from the brake...

I would also note my Clubsport V2 pedals had all three in a line at the same distance front to back, and I never had a problem with those, stepping on the wrong pedal, or finding it difficult to heel and toe...

I'm wondering, is there a reason for this? Are real race cars like this? Is there some reason I should not take those bloody brackets off and line the pedal faces up with each other? Can anybody help?


  • I wondered about this myself while trying to decide if I want the inverted pedals and noticed the stock pedal position. I then went to my car, not quite a race car, and found the pedals in a very similar position. Your question sent me looking for images on google of real race cars...I was not surprised to see every option in use.

    I think Fanatec provided enough options in the kit that every driver could position things to suit them best. In the end, there probably isn't a right or wrong set-up. But if heel/toe is your thing, you're probably best having the brake and pedal closer to equal. Again, personal preference, just set it the way feels best to you and gives you the best lap times.
  • OK, thanks Jose, I appreciate it. I took the spacers off and they feel much better now. :) Love the pedals, overall.
  • I have had my v3's for a year and a half and i have always wondered  why the stagger.  
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