Any advantage (in game) to the DD2 beyond torque?

The carbon fiber looks nice. The extra warranty and kill switch are great too.

But when I'm actually racing and I have the power turned down to 85% on the base and then turned down even further in the game, it would seem I would be getting the same experience with a DD1.

Are there any plans to differentiate the DD2 with firmware updates or via the Podium Software?  It would be nice if the DD2 provided better functionality beyond just having more torque.


  • DD2 on 15% never gonna be the same like T300 with 5Nm

    thats the clue of the hight tork
  • As a DD2 owner, I'd hope they never intentionally withhold a feature from the DD1 just to differentiate the DD2, just as I'd hope they'd never decline to add a feature to the DD2 just because the DD1 can't do it.
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