CSL Elite pedals make Loadcell lighter?

Hello, I just got my CSL Elite pedals + Loadcell. I am impressed, however using a wheelstand-pro, even using the lighter elastomer springs, the pedal requires too much force for my taste - let alone it pushes the whole wheelstand away from me.

Is there any way to make it even lighter than the 18kg max load?


  • Make sure you use the brakeforce setting on the wheel menu to set your max braking force. Check your wheelbase manual for more info on that and other settings.
  • Well the braking force option on the wheel just changes ‘how deep’ you need the pedal before it reaches maximum force. I am talking about the amount of pressure to make use of the full length of the pedal travel.
  • The BRF setting changes how hard you need to press the pedal to get 100% braking. So you can get what you wish - a lighter pedal. You don't need full pedal travel with a load cell.
  • The brake force setting doesn't affect 'how deep' the pedal goes to reach 100% braking force-it adjusts the pressure needed on the pedal to achieve 100% braking. If your pedals are coming off the floor, then you don't have this adjusted correctly.
  • Thanks for your answers. I would expect to use bed to something like 100 and be able to push the pedal using its full travel a in other words if there were any less stiff elastomer springs.
  • You need to have the fanatec controller running and go to the screen with the pedals.  With the wheel go to Brake Force and then press the brake as hard as you wish it to be for full braking.  You can then reduce the setting on the wheel until the graphic comes away from the top (all the time maintaining the wanted pressure on the pedal).  Take a note of the number so you can tune it up or down to suit the car and sim.  You will note that with the setting on 100 you will lock up with little pressure.  With the setting on 0 you will need to exert maximum pressure on the load cell to get full braking.
  • Thanks for all the tips guys!
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