After the firmware upgrade, Podium Wheel Base DD1 EU cannot be started.

Hello everyone!
I bought the Podium Wheel Base DD1 EU at FANATEC CHINA. After buying it, the firmware upgrade was done the first time, and the firmware version number is 335. When the firmware shows that the upgrade is successful, restart DD1 and find that Podium Wheel Base DD1 EU can't start. The specific performance is: when the power switch is pressed, the power button light is on, and the fan fan behind Podium Wheel Base DD1 EU Rotate at high speed and release the power switch, the Podium Wheel Base DD1 EU will shut down. I tried to hold down the power switch for a long time and found that the F1 V2 steering wheel stopped after one rotation, and there was no display on the screen of the F1 V2 steering wheel. After the power switch was released, DD1 was directly turned off.
我联系了FANATEC CHINA的销售人员,没有维修计划,让我等一下。现在已经过了12天,最后一个回复是:您只能返回或增加更换DD2的费用。
我一直在使用FANATEC产品,包括ClClubSport Lenkrad Formula V2,ClubSport Pedale V3,ClubSport Handbremse V1.5等.FANATEC产品的质量和性能给我带来了很好的体验,我也推荐了FANATEC产品。我的朋友。
当我买了Podium Wheel Base DD1 EU时,我等了很久,当我到达时我非常高兴。但是,当我没有时间使用它时,出现了问题。我的心情很令人沮丧,经历非常糟糕。
请帮我解决一下。我的电子邮件:[email protected]
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