After the Podium Wheel Base DD1 EU firmware is upgraded, it cannot be started.

Hello everyone!
I bought the Podium Wheel Base DD1 EU at FANATEC CHINA. After buying it, the firmware upgrade was done the first time, and the firmware version number is 335. When the firmware shows that the upgrade is successful, restart DD1 and find that Podium Wheel Base DD1 EU can't start. The specific performance is: when the power switch is pressed, the power button light is on, and the fan fan behind Podium Wheel Base DD1 EU Rotate at high speed and release the power switch, the Podium Wheel Base DD1 EU will shut down. I tried to hold down the power switch for a long time and found that the F1 V2 steering wheel stopped after one rotation, and there was no display on the screen of the F1 V2 steering wheel. After the power switch was released, DD1 was directly turned off.
I have contacted FANATEC CHINA sales staff and have no maintenance plan, just let me wait. Now that 12 days have elapsed, the last reply is: You can only return or increase the cost to replace DD2.
I have been using FANATEC products, including ClClubSport Lenkrad Formula V2, ClubSport Pedale V3, ClubSport Handbremse V1.5, etc. The quality and performance of FANATEC products have brought me a good experience, and I also recommended FANATEC products. my friend.
When I bought the Podium Wheel Base DD1 EU, I had a long wait and I was very pleased when I arrived. However, when I had not had time to use it, there was a problem. My mood was very frustrating and the experience was very bad.
Please help me solve it. My email : [email protected]
Looking forward to your reply.
thank you very much!


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