Formula V2 Rev Lights and Display not Working on XBOX ONE?

I just finished my set up for my Xbox one rig and the rev lights and the display won't even light up when racing? Is this a software issue?


  • That's limitation of the Xbox. No, RevLEDs, FlagLEDs, the OLED, rocker switches, Thumb Encoders and the MPS all are not working properlyon Xbox until Microsoft changes something significant in their code.
  • hallo brauche bitte hilfe habe das clubsport steering wheel v2 gekauft wollte es an der ps4 testen geht nicht   bin gang neu dabei :(
    mfg andreas
  • I am having the same problem with my set up.  I have a Formula V2 USA CS SW Form V2X steering wheel with a CSL Elite wheel base V1.1 USA CSL E WE V 1.1 US base that I just purchased.  I paid full retail price.  Does anyone know if there is an update to make these lights work?  Just put it together today and pulled it out of the package and the RPM and Flag lights don't work.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Does anyone know how to update the drivers?  There is a pamphlet that was included with the steering wheel that says make sure you installed and operate the wheel base and the F1 steering wheel firmware.   You can obtain it from our official website  Refer to the download section.  So does anyone know which download to use for my Xbox One and the components that I have said above for making the RPM and flag lights work.  We are novices and need detailed instructions.  We are not sure what to do.  Is there anyone out there in the universe that can help me?
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