Button Configuration for PS4 Podium Racing Wheel F1

For the PS4 F1 2018 video game, i can not configure the DRS to work with the top two paddles.  Also, can the rotary switches be configured to make changes to the differential and the fuel settings? I was able to get one of the clutch paddles to configure to the clutch button but not both.  Any suggestions?

I hope F1 2019 will have the Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel F1 as a pre-configured controller and will address all of the above. Does anyone know or test F1 2019 with the podium racing wheel to know if those buttons work?



  • To me it looks like if the equivalent button is not on the DS4 controller, you can't use it in the games (F1-2018, PCARS2, GTSport)

    F1-2019 : I wish I could test it there, but they sent me an inactive Game Code for PS4.  Currently waiting for a resolution.... and waiting....
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