what base to buy

iam wandering what base to buy and get some help, i was running a t500 thrustmaster , but now want to try a fanatec, iam looking at the csl elite ps4 and csl elite v1.1
could you tell me what the differences are between the 2.. iam wanting the ps4 elite, but was thinking of the v1.1 as it is slighty cheaper.
any help would be appreciated 


  • If you are not interested in PS4 compatibility buy the CSL Elite V1.1
  • what excactly does the ps4 compatibility mean? 
  • It means you can use it on the PS4.
  • With what usb cable length does the dd1 come, because i need a really long 2 or 3 meter cable.
    I have a Thrustmaster t500rs right now with a powered usb extension cable but that is a mess, it keeps shutsdown my 
    wheel. I dont want that to happen with my dd1 wheels you know.

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