Any plans for standalone DD1 PS4 base?

As a Fanatec user with 4 existing rims are there any plans to be able to purchase the PS4 DD1 base without the IMO ugly blue rim? Either by itself or bundled with an alternative, eg Porsche  or something in the Podium Series?


  • Fanatec communicated several times that there are NO plans to release a PS4 DD anytime soon.
    If you want to PS4 DD then you should buy the bundle with the blue Formula wheel and just sell the Formula wheel. I saw it on ebay for around 700€ as its rare to get because you cant buy it standalone so not a bad deal if you ask me.. 
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    Yeah they really F@CK$@ me with this PR mess.
    They first release the Limited edition F1 wheel which i bought immediately, because there where only 500 pieces of them.
    Later they come with the DD1 for PS4 with exact the same wheel but only blue!
    Then i got crazy and looked in the discription of the DD1 PS4 that says that the DD1 PS4 will gets sold separately.
    That make me happy when i read that, but now they say they dont have a plan when they want to sale it separately.
    Cmon Fanatec, you can do better.

    The attached file says: Not available separately AT THIS TIME) so when it will be ?!?!?

    Fanatec: We dont know.

    Me: why do you say it on the site then!

    Fanatec: We dont know.

    Me: Are you stupid!

    Fanatec: YES!
  • They NEVER said the DD1 PS4 Base or the Blue Formula Wheel will be sold separately. It's quite the opposite, they said from day 1 that there are NO plans to sell these products separately.
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