No answer from Fanatec?

is there anyone in here who had a problem with no reponse from The Fanatec sales dep. ?

i had an RMA with my mclaren steering wheel. i have sent the wheel for the 2. time to fanatec tech dep. bacause it stopped working. then they offered me that i could uprgrade to another wheel. they send me the paypal link to pay the diff. 
I payed the money the same day, and i have not heard anything from them since. its been 2 weeks, and they dont answer my emails. and its a month since i sent them the wheel to the tech dep. 

do anyone know what to do? 


  • sounds dumb but, you've called them already ?
  • yep... alot of times.. that annoying answermachine keeps talking no matter what i press
  • I've asked Fanatec Support to look into this.
  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator
    Hi Mikkel, I have alerted the team to this, and it should be resolved quickly. Apologies for the delay.
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    Hello, Since the Fanatec move, I tried several times to contact the support but no answer back neither an automatic ticket generated on my email. Same issue when I try to generate a new password. I receive nothing in my mail box (nor in spam box). Hence I can’t update my account since the last account phishing. Can someone help me fixing this issue? Olivier Prenten
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