Wheel and Base for PS4 and Xbox

Hey everyone,


I am looking to build my first sim rig and I am trying to source hardware for the project. I have my Chassis and TV picked out but I am struggling with a base and wheel. I only play console at this point as I do not want to buy or build a PC to support triple screens, (maybe next year). On the same note I have both a PS4 Pro and an Xbox one for GT sport and Forza. I am trying to find a base and wheel I can use with both consoles to avoid buying multiples of things and having to unmount a bunch of hardware.

I would like to go with a ClubSportv2.5 base but I honestly just want something I can switch between consoles with. It seems like you get one or the other sorry for being generally unknowledgeable about this topic but hopefully someone can tell me I am all wrong or suggest a product which will work for me.




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