Using clutch and h-pattern shifter on Gt Sport

Hello, I am not able to use the clutch and h-pattern shifter on GT Sport. I calibrated the shifter and changing gears appears on wheel screen of my Fanatec CSL Elite base. I have tried using a car that actually has a clutch IRL (eg Toyota Supra, Nissan skyline), I tried changing the shifter of the cars to fully customized, I tried hitting the clutch pedal when the counter appears at the beginning of each race. What am I doing wrong? I haven’t been able to find an answer for a few days now.


  • Are you trying to do this in Sport mode? As clutch pedal was recently disabled in Sport mode to balance the faster shifting against people that don't have clutch.
  • No trying in campaign mode. Thanks for the tip for sport mode though.
  • Hello, just for people that end up here, yesterday everything seems to be working fine. What I did differently than other times was that I used the CSL elite base as the only controller - other times I used to turn the ps4 on with the DS controller and then switch to the wheel as a 2nd controller.

    This time, I just turned the PS4 on with its button and hit the PS button on the wheel base. Everything now works 'as it should' - clutch and H-pattern.
  • That's how i get my clubsport features to work, but i tried all this yesterday on 69 chevy in daily race A and no clutch or shfting was happening.
  • This may be an issue caused by GT Sport itself. Try using the stock transmission instead of the upgraded one. GT Sport will often see the upgraded one as a sequential instead and wont allow the clutch to be used. a lot of cars did it on GT6 as well

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