Fanatec wheel Rim firmware Help

Hi , Im after some help regards firmware update of wheel rims. I currently have a brand new Mclaren and formula V2 rim for use on my DD2 and both appear to work correctly. However when I tryed to download firmware from fanatec site it informs me im already on a newer version which is fine or so i thought.. Now my problem is whenever I go to the controllers on my pc in Windows 10 and open the properties tab when either wheel rim is attached I get a warning request to update to latest firmware for the rim . The wheel and hub are then unresponsive and I cant cancel or select okay to start the update. Hope this makes sense and any help would be appreciated as I only have this issue when i attempt to enter wheel rim properties.


  • Which driver? Which Base Firmware, which McLaren Firmware and which Formula Firmware do you have installed currently? Latest driver is beta 336 with Base Firmware 656, McLaren Firmware 30 and Formula Firmware 28
  • Im on base firmware 335. I will check later for the firmware versions im on for the Mclaren and formula V2 but is this possible as i cant get onto the properties page of the wheel as explained above. Should i attach the wheels and download the beta versions as above ?
  • Yes podium hub is on driver 335 When i have the rims attached and select them from controllers menu on the PC im prompted to download latest firmware for the rim . When I click okay ,nothing happens hub and the wheel just freeze and have to be restarted by powering down the hub.
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