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I'm planning to buy a CSL Wheel Base V1.1 but nog sure about the wheel. At this moment i'm thinking about 2 wheels, de Clubsport Steering Wheel Formula V2 and the Mclaren GT3. Only question i got is...Are those rotary switches on the wheel useable with games like F1 201X? Like for ERS and Fuel Mixure imput?


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
    Works on PC. Currently not supported on Xbox One due to limitations in the protocol. I cannot speak for PS4
  • Gagaryn .Gagaryn . Member
    edited June 2019
    They don't work on PS4 - at least in current titles. Dont know about F1 2019 but I have my doubts.
    They have limited use even on PC, although ACC makes excellent use of them
  • Well, i'm gonna use the wheel with ACC, PC2 and F1 2019. I know on the F1 wheel that the 2 at the tumbs work, but the 3 in the middle? There aren't much Youtube movies what shows the working of the wheel in game.
  • Rotaries encoders and multi-position switches works perfectly in ACC. Otherwise, as im testing my wheel on f1 2019, thumb rotaries work well and also the left multi-position switch (Only in pulse mode for + or -) but im having problems at mapping the right switch encoder as it dettects pulsation but is not mapping any function.
  • Thx.

    For the GT3, can you change the oled from speed to shift indicator? Still thinking about the GT3 and F1 V2 wheel
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