Mclaren rim losing connection and other issues....

I have just received my podium dd2 in the last couple of days and orderd the formula v2 and Mclaren wheels rims with this hub. The V2 is working fine but the Mclaren wheel will suddenly lose connecton during games and none of the buttons will work. This happens in all sims and only with this rim . My e stop is also not working . In have double checked which port it is connected into at rear of hub but it does not work at all. Ive contacted fanatec support and had no reply after two days . Ive heard stories about this rim and was hoping not to fall foul of it.. Im hoping for a response from support after spending so much money with Fanatec. Whats the best way to get support as phone calls are not answered ....


  • Yesterday was holiday in Germany, today is a typical bridge day where a lot of people take a day off.
    Anyway, Chat Support was available yesterday for 10 hours and will also be available today and over the weekend.
  • Okay thanks il try chat support
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