Fanatec products cause BSOD with battleye

Tried to play Rainbow six and got BSOD when trying to start the game. I uninstalled and re-installed the game and GPU drivers (with DDU) and even did a rollback of windows. I found this link by accident. Removed CSP V3 from USB port, and no more bluescreens. I just thought to share if by accident someone gets help from this :)


  • Mine was first the opposite. If I had wheel plugged in, it BSoD, but with ClubSport V3 Pedals, it didn't crash.

    After reinstalling drivers through 412 -> 450 I didn't notice any crashes on each driver when I had my wheel plugged in. I though everything was OK then and I plugged in the CS V3 Pedals back in and now it crashed again.

    So looks like I'm now at the same point as you that the pedals cause the crash, even though it was first the wheel causing it.

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