Cannot get clubsport shifter to work with F12019

I am posting again. As no one has answered my question! Can someone PLEASE tell me how to get the clubsport shifter to work on 2019 classic cars!? I have mapped the shifts in settings. Also calibrated on wheels. Set to Manual/Clutch. But for the life of me cannot get it to work. It is fine with Dirt rally, PC2 and Assetto Corsa! I thought maybe it’s not supposed to work with this game. But after googling it is supported! Very frustrating as I only bought game for classic cars such as McLaren M23.


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
    The only way I think you'll get this to work is by Mapping SQ Shifter to paddles in the Fanatec Driver window.
  • Thank you Joseph. I will give it a try!
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